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Gregory Lawrence Pentecost
Gregory Lawrence Pentecost
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GP Graphics Design Studio
Houston, TX USA
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n© 2018 All Rights Reserved
GP Graphics Design Studio
Houston, TX USA


GP Graphics Design Studio is a  boutique graphics design house specializing in custom design solutions. Whether a simple logo or business card design or a complete modern responsive website design, print materials or corporate identity branding GP can do it.

GP Graphics Design Studio – Design Your Way

From an early age I've always loved creating art.

I was eight years old when I did this pencil sketch of my Father as he was watching a Chicago Cubs baseball game. The cubs were losing.

My dad loved the Cubs and was so overjoyed to watch them finally win the World Series in 2016 becoming world champs after 108 years. He smiled watching that game.

Client Profiles

Click on the client profiles here to view examples of my work.

I regularly update them as projects grow. Enjoy!

Eye Candy

Art has been called candy for the eyes. What a great analogy. Art in all its forms move us; emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually. Graphic art design must do the same to be effective.

When I graduated Sauk Area Career Center with a certificate in commercial art so many years ago, everything we studied and practiced was done in what we would refer to as analog today, Physically applying graphics and color to physical things for the purpose of promoting commercial goods and services. I’d never imagined a world where we would create art in a virtual environment.

The Age of Digital Design Has Dawned

As the age of digital design dawned, being completely fascinated, I engaged wholeheartedly in it. I was hooked. I remember spending hours upon hours in Microsoft Paint, a program on a P.C. running Windows 3.0 creating an image of a single eye. Wow have we come a long way baby!

Today, we may still use pencil and paper to sketch out ideas and brainstorm but modern graphic designers have replaced those with the stylus, mouse and digital tablets and computer monitors.

We measure things not in inches or pica’s but in megabytes and pixels per inch.

Oh the glory of high resolution!

My Personal Portfolio

Here are some of my personal projects. They help me release the artistic urges within and serve to hone my skills. There are drawings, paintings, digital art and photography among other things. Hope you enjoy! 

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